Windows Image on Docker

How can I create an image in Docker with Windows as the base OS.

For instance; the ‘FROM‘ command in a Dockerfile is used to load the base OS kernel. Eg: ‘FROM ubuntu‘(ubuntu kernel in this case).

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  • Is there a way in which I can run a command like ‘FROM windows7‘.
    I need it to setup image for build purpose, since I need to run Microsoft compiler ‘cl’ ; which runs only on windows.

    So the dockerfile will look something like:

    FROM windows7

    RUN install cl

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Windows Image on Docker”

    Not yet!
    Docker depends on the sharing of an linux kernel.

    In the moment Microsoft and Docker are working on a Windows version, sharing the windows kernel. This is already working! But only for windows 10 insider build. Where a special linux kernel like micro windows is included, which is then the base for the windows container.


    FROM windows7

    will never exist. Depending on the architecture of windows7.

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