Windows based couchbase image for docker

Is windows based image for “couchbase” available to install with docker? or any way around so that couchbase can be installed with docker in windows container.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Windows based couchbase image for docker”

    The images are based always on Linux. You know an image is based on other image recursively till reach a base image like ubuntu, debian or whatever. Anyway, it is suppossed they are not related to the host O.S. They can be run on a Docker using a Windows host, Linux host or OSX host in the same way. On Windows or OSX you can install Docker to run container based on Linux images, there is no problem about that.

    Depending of the use of the container, if it needs some hardware to be useful (like wireless cards or something like that), then the host is important because there are drivers and kernel directly involved. But usually, any image can be used to run containers independently of the Docker host.

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