Why php development server hangs with docker compose?

I have the following docker-compose.yml configuration file:

  image: php:7.1
  command: php -S localhost:4000 /app/index.php
    - .:/app
    - 3000:4000

When I run docker-compose up it downloads the base image but then it hangs here:

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    What am I doing wrong? There is nothing available on port 3000.
    I know there are setups with php-fpm + nginx but that seemed complicated for only development.

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    That is normal. It is attaching to the stdout of the container (for which there is no stdout being logged). At this point, the container is running.

    If you want to run in the background you would run with docker-compose up -d instead of just docker-compose up.

    The actual HTTP request to port 3000 won’t work because PHP is listening only on localhost. You need to modify your command to be php -S /app/index.php so that it is listening on all IP addresses and can accept connections through the Docker NAT.

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