Why jobs and system config were lost when run an image commited from a running jenkins container?

I started a jenkins container from the official jenkins image and added some plugins like git. Also, I made some basic configurations like authentication settings and user registration, then I added a jenkins job and it worked quite well in the running jenkins container.
Question is when I commited this jenkins container as a new version of jenkins image and re-ran the new image, everything was lost: no plugins added, no user registered, no jenkins job created.
Does anyone can help me to make a new jenkins image with all my configurations added? Thank you all.


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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Why jobs and system config were lost when run an image commited from a running jenkins container?”

    you have to backup your data before rerun jenkins image:

    docker cp jenkins-dv:/var/jenkins_home /tmp/jenkins-backup

    also you can check this very helpful tutoriel DOCKER & JENKINS: DATA THAT PERSISTS explain HOST MOUNTED VOLUMES and DATA VOLUME CONTAINERS

    Dockerfile of Jenkins defines a volume for its home directory:

    # Jenkins home directory is a volume, so configuration and build history 
    # can be persisted and survive image upgrades
    VOLUME /var/jenkins_home

    Per default Docker manages this volume on a per container base. If you would like to use same data as in your old image/container version you have mainly two options:

    Give volume a name at run

    docker run -v jenkinshome:/var/jenkins_home jenkins

    or map it to a volume on host system:

    docker run -v /some/dir/jenkinshome:/var/jenkins_home jenkins

    This way data will persist image upgrades. You can read more about managing data at official Docker documentation.

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