Why Jenkins not stored data?

I try to configure Jenkins at Unubtu 16.04:

docker run -p 8080:8080 -p 50000:50000 -v /your/home:/var/jenkins_home jenkins

Then, i see at logs:

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  • Attempting to dynamic load /var/jenkins_home/plugins/workflow-aggregator.jpi
    Started initialization
    Listed all plugins
    Prepared all plugins
    Started all plugins
    Augmented all extensions
    Loaded all jobs
    Completed initialization
    Plugin workflow-aggregator:2.3 dynamically installed

    But, at /var/jenkins_home i cound not found any file.

    What should i do to solve this?
    Thank you!

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Why Jenkins not stored data?”

    You have to ensure that /your/home is accessible by the jenkins user.

    ls -la /your/home

    You can create a jenkins user with uid 1000 and then grant its ownership.

    groupadd -g 1000 jenkins
    useradd -d "/your/home" -u 1000 -g 1000 -m -s /bin/bash jenkins

    Check for files in /your/home.

    The path /var/jenkins_home is only valid inside the container, and maps to /your/home on your host.

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