Why is “docker start” outputting the name of the container?

I have a small minimal test container made using the ruby image. The ruby script is simple, and outputs the single string “Twitter”.

When I first run the image and create the container, I get this output:

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  • $ docker run -it --name my-running-script my-ruby-app

    Great so far – the script completes and the container exits.

    But when I try to start it again, it first outputs the name of the container:

    $ docker start -a my-running-script

    What is causing this output, and how can I get it to stop? (It’s printed on stdout, and redirecting stderr doesn’t help.)

    I don’t know if it’s relevant, but this is running on OS X using boot2docker.

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    This is the expected behavior for docker start. Then you can do things like assign the containerID to a variable, etc.

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