Why does the path command doesn't work in Docker file

This is my docker file

# This is a comment
FROM chapmanb/bcbio-nextgen-devel
MAINTAINER Sabarish Subramanian
RUN mkdir /root/software && cd /root/software && wget http://bio.math.berkeley.edu     /eXpress /downloads/express-1.5.1/express-1.5.1-linux_x86_64.tgz
RUN cd /root && mkdir src && cd src && tar xzf ../software/express-1.5.1-linux_x86_64.tgz &&  PATH=$PATH:/root/src/express-1.5.1-linux_x86_64 && export PATH && echo $PATH

In the new docker container the path is not set.Kindly suggest me a good way to do this.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Why does the path command doesn't work in Docker file”

    According to


    you should use the


    command to set $PATH to your value


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