Why does docker mount a file with a numeric value as a directory?

Running a docker run command with:


was resulting in the docker container not being started:

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    Why is this file not mounting in Docker?

    I can make the name nameA.conf and mount it fine. The file nameA.conf and name0.conf are identical (verified with diff), have the same rights (verified with ls -l).

    docker --version
    Docker version 1.10.1, build 9e83765

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Why does docker mount a file with a numeric value as a directory?”

    Docker does not mount files ending in numeric characters in their name correctly into containers.

    It converts the file into a directory because of the 0 in the name – this can be reproduced with different filenames that are similar and have numeric characters.

    The solution is to use non-numeric characters in the filename locally.

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