why did the pulling process in docker act like this?

I just want to pull the ubuntu image from the docker‘s repository:

pete@pete-Aspire-4750:~$ sudo docker run ubuntu:14.04 /bin/echo "hello world"    
Unable to find image 'ubuntu:14.04' locally
ubuntu:14.04: The image you are pulling has been verified
53f858aaaf03: Downloading 57.31 MB/197.2 MB 1h57m42s
837339b91538: Download complete
615c102e2290: Download complete
b39b81afc8ca: Download complete     
511136ea3c5a: Already exists 

then nothing happened! is it beacause I’m in China ,so I can’t get the image behind the greatwall?
or something else?

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    The output says that the download is complete. You can do a check by issuing the command sudo docker images. It will list the downloaded images like given below.

    ubuntu           13.10    5e019ab7bf6d  4 weeks ago  180 MB

    I’m speculating that it did work. The “hello world” should have appeared at the end. Did you try running the command a second time? Now that the image has been downloaded you should see the result immediately.

    Don’t forget every time you run the command you’re creating a container instance. These will accumulate locally:

    $ docker ps -a
    CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND                CREATED              STATUS                          PORTS               NAMES
    9a31ad292a0a        ubuntu:14.04        "/bin/echo 'hello wo   About a minute ago   Exited (0) About a minute ago                       ecstatic_darwin     
    035cf18ee6a2        ubuntu:14.04        "/bin/echo 'hello wo   3 minutes ago        Exited (0) 3 minutes ago                            sick_hawking        

    A better way to issue the run command is to include the “–rm” option which will automatically delete the container instance when your finishing with them

    $ docker run --rm -it ubuntu:14.04 /bin/echo "hello world" 
    hello world

    Hope this helps.


    Downloading images behind firewalls is not uncommon, but your error message would explicitly show failures (Your output shows “Download complete” messages). This is normally fixed by setting the http proxy environment variable. See:

    • Cannot download Docker images behind a proxy
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