when mounting a host directory -v option. Are the mounts available by the time the ENTRYPOINT starts?

I have a Dockerfile as follows

FROM rajenata/ovs
MAINTAINER Rajesh Nataraja <...>
COPY initovs /sbin/

ENTRYPOINT ["/sbin/initovs"]
CMD ["--help"

Then I execute

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  • docker run -d rajenata/ovs:2 --net=host --privileged -v /etc/openvswitch:/etc/openvswitch

    But the initovs script

    if [ -d "/etc/openvswitch" ]; then
      if [ -f "/etc/openvswitch/conf.db" ]; then
         echo "DB Exists No Need to Create"
         ovsdb-tool create  /etc/openvswitch/conf.db /usr/local/share/openvswitch/vswitch.ovsschema
      echo "Open V Switch not mounted from Host"
      exit -1

    Returns an exit -1 indicating the mount is not available.

    Is it possible that the ENTRYPOINT executes even before DOCKER completes the mount?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “when mounting a host directory -v option. Are the mounts available by the time the ENTRYPOINT starts?”

    I am guessing you are running this with a normal user. You might not have access to /etc/openvswitch (even though the user is part of docker group). Ideally, mounts are available before the ENTRYPOINT. Even if you create a script echoing only “hello world” and mount that at some location in container and run it on entrypoint, it does print “hello world”. So, mostly to me it seems to be permission issue. You can login to container and see if that file is there or not.

    $ docker run -it rajenata/ovs:2 --net=host --privileged -v /etc/openvswitch:/etc/openvswitch /bin/bash
    container-name# ls /etc/openvswitch

    Try to see what error you are getting if you try to perform the same operation as you were performing in the entrypoint.

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