What run flags are included in my Docker Container

I started a docker container (using docker run). I can see it in my Kitematic app. When I start it from Kitematic, I’m sure it’s reusing my flags, like -P to expose ports.

How can I see what flags the container is using? For example, I forget what directory/volume I mounted to the container.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “What run flags are included in my Docker Container”

    Try first to look at the result of docker inspect:

    docker inspect yourContainerNameOrId

    docker inspect has an elaborate template-base format, explained in “Docker Inspect Template Magic”, written by Adrian Mouat.

    For instance, to get the port mapping of a container:

    docker inspect -f '{{range $p, $conf := .NetworkSettings.Ports}} {{$p}} -> {{(index $conf 0).HostPort}} {{end}}' <containername>
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