What is the location of the docker image files on OS/X?

There are several questions regarding how to view docker images on local machine including I can't find my Docker image after building it

The docker images command does report that an image was successfully created:

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    REPOSITORY                                              TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
    caffeonspark                                            cpu                 bd347271dc01        28 minutes ago      5.28 GB

    This question is about the physical locations of the docker files – to do operations like copying/backups etc. How would the paths be found on OS/X?

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    On Mac, Docker images are stored within the VM. See this Question.

    On Linux, Docker images are stored in /var/lib/docker, so backing up that directory should be sufficient.

    I don’t think you should be copying images from that directory. The normal way to share a built image between machines is with Docker Hub or with a private Docker registry. If you want to share images that are not published to a registry, you can simply share the Dockerfile.

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