What is the created time in docker images command?

What is the CREATED time exactly when you give this command?

docker images
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  • It gives the time like 3 months ago, or 9 days ago.

    Is it the time it was uploaded to docker hub?

    Even for the locally created images, it shows like 15 minutes ago, while I had created just a minute ago.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “What is the created time in docker images command?”

    It should be the date of the latest docker build, as defined in image/image.go.

    You can see its exact value with

    docker inspect -f '{{ .Created }}' hello-world

    If you are in a VM, the timestamp might not be precise for local images, as your VM clock might not be precisely synchronized (by typing ‘date‘, I see mine is synchronized, but on UTC: one hour shift).

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