What is equivalent remote api command to 'docker run -d'?

I’m trying to call docker commands via remote api.

Docker remote api does not seem to have ‘Detached mode’ option.

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    Indeed, the remote API does not have a ‘dettach’ mode as the ‘attach’ mode is an extra endpoint.

    If you want to run in detach mode with the remote API, simply create and start your container without attaching to it.

    It’s important to understand the “docker run” command encapsulates a series of commands from an API perspective:

    • pull image (if not available locally)
    • create the container
    • attach to the container
    • starts the container

    While “docker run -d” is the same thing as above but without the “attach” step.

    Therefore, you need to create and then start your container when using the remote API.

    As far as I can tell, the remote API equivalent of the -i CLI option is "OpenStdin": true in the call to /containers/create. Without this it seems that anything reading from stdin receives EOT.

    This is where stdin is initialized (or not initialized) as a pipe to the container, I haven’t tracked it down past that.

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