What happens to entrypoint of Docker parent image when child defines another one?

Let’s say I’ve got the Docker image parent built by this Dockerfile:

FROM ubuntu
ENTRYPOINT ["parent-entry"]

Now I inherit from this parent image in my child image built with this code:

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  • FROM parent
    ENTRYPOINT ["child-entry"]

    As far as I have tested it the entrypoint of the child image overwrites the one in the parent image.

    But since I am new to Docker I am not sure about this. My research also hasn’t yet resulted in a satisfying answer. So is the assumption above correct?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “What happens to entrypoint of Docker parent image when child defines another one?”

    The last entrypoint is used, only the last one.

    You can check, put several lines with different ENTRYPOINT in your Dockerfile, and check what happens.

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