What do the curly braces mean in docker inspect –format “{{.State.Pid}}”?

I’m looking through this shell script and I’m curious what the double curly braces are doing in this line:


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  • I know that curly braces in shell are used for grouping, but what does two sets of curly braces do? If someone could explain this:

    docker inspect --format "{{.State.Pid}}"

    I would really appreciate it.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “What do the curly braces mean in docker inspect –format “{{.State.Pid}}”?”

    The context of this was a command running

    docker inspect --format "{{.State.Pid}}"

    The Docker option --format takes a go template. Double-curly-braces are meaningful in Go templates, not in bash.

    See the Go text.template package documentation for details. To quote from same:

    “Actions”–data evaluations or control structures–are delimited by “{{” and “}}”; all text outside actions is copied to the output unchanged.

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