Verify container running state [closed]

I have a bash script, which I use to run several Docker containers. Initialization time differs on system specifications, so sometimes these cannot be started in specified order. How can I detect with use of bash, that a container is running, so following container can be started. Containers requires previously started containers.

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    I wouldn’t recommend using bash for this. My ideal choice would be Ansible. But since your requirement is bash, so you’d do something like this (It’s not the exact code just an example):

    RUNNING=$(docker inspect --format="{{ .State.Running }}" $CONTAINER)
    while [ true ]; do
            if ["$RUNNING" == "true"]; then
                    echo "$CONTAINER is running. Now start your other container"
                    exit 0
                    echo "$CONTAINER is not running. Sleep for 1 second"
                    sleep 1

    you can find all the running containers with docker ps and filter them on various criteria with --filter=

    It is convenient to start a container with a --name
    the doc for docker run


    --name="" Assign a name to the container

    and you can then filter with docker ps --filter name=

    See the doc for docker ps

    an example

    docker ps --filter "name=captvty"

    you can also filter with the image, the label, the ancestor, the id…

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