Using Openblas with R in Reproducible R container

I am using R for a reproducible scientific machine learing & hyperparameter optimizations. I stumble upon the fact that other implementations of blas such openblas/atlas/klm can speedup this costly optimization. But results are slightly different using each blas even if optimization is forced on single thread results deviate from default R.

So I want to try using Docker to contain the experiment. I have multiple questions.

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    1. is it good to compile from source instead of binaries ?

    2. if I compile from source, will it lead to same configuration as debian binaries ?

    3. since results are different for each blas, there is a tool called ReproBLAS from Berkeley, is it good idea to use it with R ?

    4. when you compile R using “–with-blas=-lopenblas” in this case openblas is single threaded or multithreaded ?

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