Using ENV variables in daemonized Docker running RStudio

I am able to set up a Dockerfile with default ENV variables that I can then configure when running my docker container, e.g. in a Dockerfile I have the lines:

RUN git config --global $USERNAME
RUN git config --global $EMAIL

Great. When I launch an interactive session:

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  • docker run -it --env USERNAME="Carl" --env myimage /bin/bash

    I can then issue the command git config --list and see that git is configured to use the values I provided on the command line instead of the defaults.

    However, my Dockerfile is also configured to run an RStudio server that I can then log into in the browser when running the image in Daemon mode:

    docker run -d -p 8787:8787 --env USERNAME="Carl" --env cboettig/ropensci-docker

    I go to localhost:8787 and log in to RStudio which all works as expected, start a new “Project” with git enabled, but then RStudio cannot find my git name & email. I can open the shell from the RStudio menu and run git config --list or echo $USERNAME and I just get a blank value. Why does this work for /bin/bash but not from RStudio and how do I fix it?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Using ENV variables in daemonized Docker running RStudio”

    Your git config is set on /.gitconfig. This config file is for root user. You need to set git config for rstudio user because rstudio run on rstudio user. Below command is a temporary solution.

    docker run -it -p 8787:8787 --env USERNAME="Carl" --env cboettig/ropensci-docker bash -c "cp /.gitconfig /home/rstudio; /usr/bin/supervisord"

    It works!


    Another solution is writing Dockerfile is based on cboettig/ropensci-docker. Below is sample Dockerfile.

    FROM cboettig/ropensci-docker
    RUN cp /.gitconfig /home/rstudio
    CMD ["/usr/bin/supervisord"]
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