Using Docker to load Memory Image?

As far as I understand Docker it is virtualizing a system and loads a certain image along with booting it and doing some other stuff. Since I can use different OS with docker, I think it is quite far reaching in order to provide such an abstraction.

In order to speed up setting up a test environment, is it possible to freeze a docker instance in a certain state (like after initializing the database) and rerun the image from this point?

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    Docker is not virtualizing a system and boots it. Instead of loading its own system kernel into memory it simply creates encapsulated processes that run in the Linux kernel of the host system. That is by the way the reason why a Linux host is required.

    There is no virtualization but just process/resource encapsulation. More details about the Docker architecture and its concepts you can find in the documentation.

    A “freeze” would be a commit of your base image which you used to run your container. You can get back to that commit at any point in time by using the image id.

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