Using Docker for Drupal Dev (Local)

So, to put it simply, I have a drupal site that’s live.

I want to work on it locally and use docker containers to manage that.

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  • I want to use this Image:

    And use this as my data container:

    I have the database downloaded from the live site saved as an .sql file.

    I need to be able to use this pre-existing database.

    Best case scenario is to be able to run the images in terminal and open a browser, navigate to something like ‘localhost’ and have the Drupal site pop up there for me to work on.

    I am running Ubuntu 13.10 and have the latest version of Docker. Needless to say I have been working on trying to get this working for a while but don’t want to complicate things with my failed attempts. Any and all suggestions welcomed.

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