User permissions not changing on docker hub

I have an organization on dockerhub named ‘acme’, inside org ‘acme’ i have a separate user ‘bob’ who is part of the ‘owners’ team.

I have granted the ‘owners’ team ‘admin’ access to a repository ‘fish’.

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  • When i try and push a new build & tag to that repo, i get the following error:

    Error response from daemon: No such image: acme/fish:latest

    When i look at the API , i see the following permissions.

    "permissions": {
        "read": true,
        "write": false,
        "admin": false

    When i look at docker info i see:

    Username: bob

    What do i need to do in order to enable ‘bob’ user to have write access?

    (Actual credentials have been redacted)

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