Use fig and docker-machine to deploy remotely

I use docker-machine to easily create docker hosts on AWS.

Locally I use fig (or docker-compose) to start the various microservices associated with a service.

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  • Is it possible for fig to use the config variables set by the docker-machine command:

     docker-machine config host

    So when I do:

    fig up

    Fig creates the service on the host set by docker-machine and not the local one?

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    I haven’t tried to do this with a remote host but I have it working with a vmwarefusion based machine. Because fig respects some of the DOCKER_ environment variables you can modify them to point to your docker host. Try something like this:

    $(docker-machine env host); docker-compose up

    Edited previous approach (referenced in comments):

    # modify path and host with output from > docker-machine config host
    fig up
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