Use docker-compose with docker swarm

I’m using docker 1.12.1
I have an easy docker-compose script.

version: '2'

    build: ./slave
    image: jenkins-slave:1.0
    restart: always
     - "22"
     - "constraint:NODE==master1"
    image: jenkins:2.7.1
    container_name: jenkins-master
    restart: always
     - "8080:8080"
     - "50000"
     - "constraint:NODE==node1"

I run this script with docker-compose -p jenkins up -d.
This Creates my 2 containers but only on my master (from where I execute my command). I would expect that one would be created on the master and one on the node.
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  • networks:
        driver: overlay


         - jenkins_swarm

    After every service but this is failing with:

    Cannot create container for service jenkins-master: network jenkins_jenkins_swarm not found

    While the network is created when I perform docker network ls

    Someone who can help me to deploy 2 containers on my 2 nodes with docker-compose. Swarm is defenitly working on my “cluster”. I followed this tutorial to verify.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Use docker-compose with docker swarm”

    Compose doesn’t support Swarm Mode at the moment.

    When you run docker compose up on the master node, Compose issues docker run commands for the services in the Compose file, rather than docker service create – which is why the containers all run on the master. See this answer for options.

    On the second point, networks are scoped in 1.12. If you inspect your network you’ll find it’s been created at swarm-level, but Compose is running engine-level containers which can’t see the swarm network.

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