Use a single VM with Vagrant to host Docker Containers across multiple projects

I have two separate projects/src/code repos, using Vagrant to run an application in docker containers.

I am using Vagrant with a CentOS7 Host VM to host docker containers ( I am using a duplicate copy of the CentOS7 VM Vagrantfile ( in each project.

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  • - proj1/
    -- Vagrantfile
    - proj2/
    -- Vagrantfile

    Each Vagrantfile points to to spin up a CentOS VM to host the Docker containers.

    The only difference (effectively for this question) between the two projects is that the Vagrantfile in proj1 points to a different docker image than the one in proj2.

    When I do vagrant up in each project folder, each one create’s it’s own CentOS7 VM instantiation, so I end up running two separate VirtualBox VMs.

    Is there a way to change one or both of the Vagrantfile files so that I end up only spinning up a single VM, and the containers both run in the same VirtualBox VM?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Use a single VM with Vagrant to host Docker Containers across multiple projects”

    Got it to work. Not quite the way I wanted, but documenting for anyone who finds this question later. Point both Docker Vagrantfile’s to the same for their linux parent.

       - proj1/
       -- Vagrantfile --> ./
       - proj2/
       -- Vagrantfile --> ../proj1/
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