Unsatisfiable constraints when installing packages on docker alpine

I’m build a docker image based on ruby:2.3-alpine. I need to install couple of packages for my rails application to run normally. Unfortunately the following packages does not exists on alpine repositories.

What’s the way to install them?

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  • $ uname -a
    Linux 50642453afd5 4.1.17-boot2docker #1 SMP Thu Feb 11 08:12:31 UTC 2016 x86_64 Linux
    $ apk add iceweasel
    ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints:
      iceweasel (missing):
        required by: world[iceweasel]

    Packages to install:

    • libav-tools
    • xfonts-base
    • xfonts-75dpi
    • iceweasel

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Unsatisfiable constraints when installing packages on docker alpine”

    As of June, 2016 “firefox-esr” replaces Iceweasel.

    Here’s how to install it in an Alpine Docker container, and to run it to verify it’s installed correctly:

    FROM ruby:2.3-alpine
    RUN apk add --no-cache firefox-esr
    RUN firefox --version

    You’ll probably also need a virtual display (framebuffer) like xvfb. See this for more info => https://github.com/rickypc/docker-python-firefox-xvfb/blob/master/Dockerfile

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