Understanding code executed after run command in Docker

I just saw the below script in the Docker doc’s.

$ docker restart db
$ docker run -t -i --rm --link db:db training/webapp /bin/bash
root@aed84ee21bde:/opt/webapp# cat /etc/hosts  aed84ee21bde
. . .  db

What is happening after the run cammand is executed ? , the below part i mean:

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  • root@aed84ee21bde:/opt/webapp# cat /etc/hosts 

    Can somebody explain this line by line, I fail to understand. Please this is really important to me.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Understanding code executed after run command in Docker”

    docker run -t -i --rm --link db:db training/webapp /bin/bash

    This line executes the command /bin/bash in a container created from the image training/webapp. /bin/bash is an interactive shell, and so executing it means that you’re now in a shell inside the fake machine that is the Docker container. root@aed84ee21bde:/opt/webapp# is the shell’s prompt, indicating that you are root on host aed84ee21bde with current directory /opt/webapp. cat /etc/hosts means the same thing here that it does outside the container, except that here it’s referring to the /etc/hosts file inside the container, which is likely different from the one on your main system.

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