Unable to Pull image from quay.io: ERROR x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

The error I get is:

Unable to Pull image from quay.io/coreos/flannel getting x509: certificate signed by unknown authority ERROR.

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  • The command I tried to execute was:

    root@Kube-agent2:~# sudo docker -H unix:///var/run/docker-bootstrap.sock run -d
    –net=host \
    –privileged \
    -v /dev/net:/dev/net \
    quay.io/coreos/flannel:${FLANNEL_VERSION} /opt/bin/flanneld \
    –ip-masq=${FLANNEL_IPMASQ} \
    –etcd-endpoints=http://${MASTER_IP}:4001 \

    The error message I received was:

    Unable to find image ‘quay.io/coreos/flannel:0.5.5’ locally
    docker: Error response from daemon: Get https://quay.io/v1/_ping: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority.
    See ‘docker run –help’.

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