Unable to pull docker image – Repository not found

I’m unable to pull docker images in my environment. I think it’s blocked by company firewall, but I’m not sure why It gets layer info and later It prints that repository is not found.

sudo docker pull hello-world
latest: Pulling from hello-world
50a54e1f9180: Pulling fs layer
7a5a2d73abce: Pulling fs layer
Pulling repository hello-world
Repository not found

Docker version: (I cannot upgrade to newest docker on RHEL 6.9)

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    Could somebody explain me which protocols (https only?) are used during docker image pulling phase and what addresses are contacted (“https://registry-1.docker.io/v2” only?) ?

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    Docker images can consist of multiple layers. By default, the Docker daemon will pull three layers of an image at a time but will pull less in case an image has lesser layers. Also, if no tag is provided, Docker Engine uses the :latest tag as a default. Above is a basic log of your pull request indicating docker trying to pull layers of the image but failing, may be due to firewall restrictions or older docker version.

    Docker uses the https:// protocol to communicate with a registry,
    unless the registry is allowed to be accessed over an insecure

    Not sure what all addresses it tries to connect to pull an image.

    Problem was that firewall was blocking connections during pulling images.
    Docker registry uses CDN so more URLs need to be allowed and not only registry URL.

    I requested to allow the following URLs on company firewall and it is working now.


    Docker log file (/var/log/docker) help me to identify root problem.
    There were the following errors:

    level=error msg="Error from V2 registry: Get https://dseasb33srnrn.cloudfront.net/registry-v2/docker/registry/v2/blobs/sha256/78/78445dd45222097f5f8d5a16e48dc19c4ca162dcdb80010ab6f1ccfc7e2c0fa3/data?Expires=1493033299&Signature=DiEmffSxF1F9z-SRoGyX3NwzfeQY3BhE2Du3aPb1qy9VglXyn1mus7Xy9Y~DQnwaQ9IIN71FboK5lOAiN1Qj-x662qhioi72CJ-v02fiMHqC03FDb0l4LyULquU8GaalW3uZG4hdfuSqOBQ1qo9HEcxhMyQGqOqpfPUKjUlHqm8_&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJECH5M7VWIS5YZ6Q: read tcp connection reset by peer"

    The list of URLs which needs to be allowed I found here:

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