Unable to finding the option to set docker workspace option when running the docker image

I have installed docker build step plugin in jenkins. Using that plugin trying to compile java application using maven image.

In docker build step options, I am unable to find the option to setup the working directory.

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  • docker run -v /usr/src:/work -w /work maven:latest mvn package

    Above command works fine while running via shell.

    Same logic trying to achive using jenkins docker build step plugin. I can see bind the volume, but can’t see the working directory option. Anyone please suggest

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Unable to finding the option to set docker workspace option when running the docker image”

    Would an option be to use the -onbuild Maven image variant? It has WORKDIR set in the Dockerfile: https://github.com/carlossg/docker-maven/blob/ecf54b9839caed8aa2bcf9b8f7bb19594634ee89/jdk-8/onbuild/Dockerfile. In this case you would just mount /usr/src:/usr/src/app instead of /work.

    If the default mvn install doesn’t work for you (mvn install should includ the package goal) you could always build your own base image that included a custom WORKDIR.

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