Ubuntu timedatectl fails in Docker container

I’ve got Ubuntu 16.04 LTS running in a Docker container (hosted on macOS). The date/time is off by about four days.

$ cat /etc/*-release
$ date
Sun May  7 05:57:21 UTC 2017

Effective date is 11 May 2017 06:17:13 UTC.

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  • I wanted to fix this (checking this and this) but I can’t even run timedatectl:

    $ timedatectl status
    Failed to create bus connection: No such file or directory

    How do I fix this?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Ubuntu timedatectl fails in Docker container”

    Time drift is caused by the underlying host OS which, for Docker, isn’t macOS but actually the Linux VM running on macOS. It’s related to macOS sleep times (e.g. when you close the MacBook lid). Apparently it’s recently been fixed and should be available soon: https://github.com/docker/for-mac/issues/17#issuecomment-300734810

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