Ubuntu server Docker machine network ip address

I have two ubuntu servers 16.04 with docker-machine installed. The servers have ip x.x.x1 and x.x.x.2, which is the servers’ network and I want to create docker-machine vm’s (virtualbox) with ip’s from the server networks, like virtualmachine01 with ip x.x.x.3 inside of one of servers, and so on.

When I try:

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  • docker-machine create –driver virtualbox –virtualbox-hostonly-cidr “x.x.x.1/24” virtualmachine01,

    I get the error:

    Error creating machine: Error in driver during machine creation: Error setting up host only network on machine start: host-only cidr conflicts with the network address of a host interface.

    Can I create vm´s with physical ip address using docker-machine? If not, how can I create a docker engine swarm with only two machines? 🙁

    Sérgio Marques

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