Trouble running docker registry in insecure mode on Ubuntu 16.04

I’m trying to run a docker registry in insecure mode on ubuntu 16.04 (docker v1.12.3). I made the changes specified in the documentation.


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  • DOCKER_OPTS="--insecure-registry"

    and then restarted the docker service. However I’m having no luck. When I try to connect I get

    Error response from daemon: Get 
    http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Trouble running docker registry in insecure mode on Ubuntu 16.04”

    Check if this docker/distribution issue could help (when used with docker 1.12):

    • Create or modify /etc/docker/daemon.json
        { "insecure-registries":[""] }
    • Restart docker daemon
        sudo service docker restart

    On Unbuntu 16.04, check also if configuring docker through systemd is better.

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