Tomee and Postgres communication with Docker

I have 2 Dockerfiles, one for tomee and another one for Postgres:

  1. Postgres:

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  9. Tomcat:

After the creation of the image (postgres-img and tomee-img), I run the containers in this way:

docker run -p 5432:5432 -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=postgres --name= postgress postgres-image

and then tomee

docker crete -p 8080:8080 --link postgress:postgress --name=tomcatt tomee-img

When I start the containers all work, I can see the web application from browser at and I can see the remote db on PGAdmin by using the ip

As you can see, I link tomee to postgress with –link so in tomee.xml I set jdbc:postgresql://postgress:5432/postgres
because I saw that after the linking you can use the alias you choose.
I saw this solution in this thread: Docker Tomcat container unable to access Postgres container

The problem is that the web application does not communicate with the db that remains always empty. It’s like the tomee.xml is useless.

Is there another way to connect the containers?

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