Tomcat with Docker

I am testing out running a tomcat8 on my Mac. I have the following Dockerfile:

FROM tomcat:8-jre7

MAINTAINER "Sonam Lastname <>"

When I run the Docker container with the following command:

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  • docker run -d -P sonam/docker-webapp

    I check for the docker process by

    docker ps -l

    and see the port mapped at:>8080/tcp

    I am not able to access the tomcat page with localhost:32769 (and even tried to 8080 port).



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  • One Solution collect form web for “Tomcat with Docker”

    Docker runs in a virtual machine when on Mac. Tomcat will listen to that network interface.

    You can run docker-machine ip <name of your docker machine> and access it via that IP instead of localhost.

    If on boot2docker, it is similar: boot2docker ip.

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