“The output of `ssh-add -l` doesn't contain 'RSA'. Start the agent, add your keys?” in Docker

I am following this article and have included my AWS credentials. I installed several CLI things required, and now get:

$ ./trainer start 5
Greetings, cchilders/cchilders!
The output of `ssh-add -l` doesn't contain 'RSA'. Start the agent, add your keys?

I have already did eval $(ssh-agent) which doesn’t help.

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    …to actually add a key with the default name (~/.ssh/id_rsa) to your agent (assuming you’ve created a key; if you haven’t you’ll need to go back and do that). If you created a key saved with a different name, pass that name on the ssh-add command line.

    That said, on MacOS X, you generally shouldn’t start ssh-agent yourself at all! The keychain on OS X fulfils the agent protocol.

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