Tag a Docker image in Google Container Registry with additional tag via command line

I am trying to tag a Docker image sitting in Google Container Registry but am not having any luck. If the image were sitting on my local machine, i could do something like:

docker tag my-image:existing-tag my-image:new-tag

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  • This would result in a second tag for my image. However, in Google Container Registry, I cannot simply use the gcloud wrapper to do so. For example:

    gcloud docker -- tag gcr.io/my-project/my-image:existing-tag gcr.io/my-project/my-image:new-tag

    This command will not work because even though I am running with gcloud, I get the following response:

    Error response from daemon: no such id gcr.io/my-project/my-image:existing-tag

    Is what I am attempting possible, and how would one accomplish it?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Tag a Docker image in Google Container Registry with additional tag via command line”

    Just after posting, I discovered I needed to update to the latest gcloud and then could run gcloud container images add-tag. Problem solved.

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