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Docker communication to hardware on host

I’m trying to learn some things about Docker. Right now, I’m asking myself, if a Docker container can communicate with something like a camera from the host. Can anyone answer me that, and say how to pls?

Use Docker Compose offline by using local images and not pulling images

I want to issue the docker-compose command to bring up all the dependent service containers that I have previously pulled down while inside the company network. I am outside the company network so when I try to start my environment the first thing it does is try to call out to the company network and […]

Running ubuntu containers on ubuntu host – application with gui

I have a Ubuntu host and top of it I run a ROS rocker container. These ROS applications generally have a Linux GUI application. I’m wondering how to have this GUI enabled in my container. This is the kind of output the ROS container will have.

Kubernetes cronjob reports “found invalid field” for failed and successfuJobsHistoryLimit

I created a CronJob in my Kubernetes cluster that is working fine. I tried to add the spec fields for successfulJobsHistoryLimit and failedJobsHistoryLimit. Based on the documentation at, they should be at the top level spec section, but I am getting the error when applying: error validating data: [found invalid field successfulJobsHistoryLimit for v2alpha1.CronJobSpec, […]

How to restore Docker images after “Reset Factory Settings”?

I had a problem with launching Docker, and looks like Reset Factory Setting deletes data as well reseting Docker settings. Is there any way to retrieve my images? I can see the following in my trashcan: Docker (17656).app.

Bootstrapping large amounts of media for a Docker container

I’m working on setting up a project in Docker, with a stack file defined for one-click (ish) deployments of already-configured UAT environments. In order to set this up, I need to seed the environment with 7GB worth of assets. I’ve tried to solve this problem with a data-only container that dumps the data in a […]

mingw in docker container no output

I obviously do something wrong. Or threre is a bug. Anyway, on recent docker 17.03.1-ce, run various windows containers, e.g.: docker run -it microsoft/windowsservercore and see no output for mingw and cygwin tools: C:\test>dir Volume in drive C has no label. Volume Serial Number is 0E7C-C210 Directory of C:\test 06/27/2017 08:43 AM <DIR> . 06/27/2017 […]

Persistent Storage with Docker in Production – Which Solution and Why? [closed]

I’ve recently started working for a company that wants to break their monolithic SaaS application up into containerized microservices. I’m having a hard time grasping a fundamental part of persistent storage, though. Why are there so many different competing platforms? Portworx, Rexray, StorageOS, Flocker, Inifint, etc. My Questions Why wouldn’t someone simply spin up an […]

How to set proxy on rstudio from dockerhub behind a proxy?

I downloaded rocker/tidyverse from dockerhub. I tried installing a package and was greeted with: URL ‘’: status was ‘Couldn’t connect to server’ After logging into rstudio, I tried executing all the commands shown here: Though I still get the same error. How can I set my proxy to be able to install packages? Update: […]

Docker error The command non-zero code: 1 python

i have problem when i tried to build container. And the error is : The command ‘/bin/sh -c pip install -r requirements.txt’ returned a non-zero code: 1 i don’t know why, i follow the code from documentation but always get error. Dockerfile FROM python:2.7-slim # # # Set the working directory to /app WORKDIR /app […]

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