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Protractor tests in Docker – Async callback was not invoked within timeout specified by jasmine.DEFAULT_TIMEOUT_INTERVAL

I have written 6 e2e tests , using protractor for my Angular2 application. The tests run fine on my windows 10 system . The tests are consistent and pass all the time. Now I am trying to run the same tests in CentOS docker container. The tests are not consistent. They keep failing . I […]

AWS Elastic Beanstalk deploying Docker with simple SpringBoot Eureka image failure

I’m new to AWS and Elastic Beanstalk. I’m trying to test a multi-container Docker deployment with a simple Spring Boot Docker image just to see something working for now. I’m uploading a very simple file to the Beanstalk console: { “AWSEBDockerrunVersion”: 2, “containerDefinitions”: [ { “name”: “eureka1”, “image”: “springcloud/eureka”, “essential”: true, “memory”: 128, […]

angular 2 app in docker container failing. Failed to exec start script.

I have a compose file with an angular service, an express service, and a mongo database service. When I run docker-compose up –build, I get the following error: > angular-client@0.0.0 start /usr/src/app/angular > ng serve –host –port 4200 2017-06-27T05:25:03.712327811Z sh: 1: ng: not found 2017-06-27T05:25:03.732751350Z npm info lifecycle angular-client@0.0.0~start: Failed to exec start script […]

Pushing to Docker Private Organization Repository

Trying to push an image to a new organization private repository on dockerhub but it keeps giving me an error: unauthorized: authentication required I am the owner of the organization repository and have tried to do changes to teams, permissions etc but cannot get around this Command being used to push: docker push organization/repo-name:tag I […]

How to ingest files in a docker container from another machine?

I have a machine on the local network that produces files. It doesn’t run Docker because it’s a low power single board computer. I have written a Docker container to run on a server to ingest these files, process them, and spit the processed files out. My issue is in transferring files from the machine […]

How to update modifications after a page reload on Docker?

I’ve got an issue using Docker, I’d like to update changes on my page whenever I change my css file instead of restarting all containers on docker. Whenever I save an HTML page the changes are made automatically but somehow whenever I change a static file things don’t work as planned. I’m using Docker Toolbox […]

Running docker containers behind loadbalancer, ports not forwarded as expected

I am trying to run a server from CA in docker compose and I want to be able to cluster it. From the CA side this only means that the db is shared between multiple instances of the CA server. The server expose 9443,8443, 8080. The load balancer does not seem to forward these correctly […]

Show python logs in docker-compose log

I am working on a web application organized with docker-compose. It consists out of a Python backend and a node frontend. I want to get python notifications in my docker-compose log. Somehow this is not working. My python Dockerfile is extremely basic: FROM python:3.6 RUN mkdir -p /usr/src/app WORKDIR /usr/src/app ADD requirements.txt /tmp/ RUN […]

Docker Swarm with image versions externalized to .env file

I used to externalized my image versions to my .env file. This make it easy to maintain and I don’t modify my docker-compose.yml file just to upgrade a version, so I’m sure I won’t delete a line by mistake or whatever. But when I try to deploy my services with stack to the swarm, docker […]

Docker-compose error with service env_file

I’ve been working on passing my sensitive data (credentials) to the docker container through a .env file. I’m using docker-compose and my docker-compose.yml file looks as follows: services: some-service: env_file: – .env But when I try to do “docker-compose up”, I get the below error: ERROR: In file ‘./docker-compose.yml’, service ‘env_file’ must be a mapping […]

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