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Setting up Docker Postgres inside Python container

I currently have a python3 web application running in a docker image. I am trying to restore a local database dump in the docker container (dump.pgsql) and connect to that database within my application. I am having a couple issues. From within the Python container I can’t seem to download any version of postgres (9.1-9.6) […]

How insert an existing EC2 instance as container host in docker-machine?

Using docker-machine in Windows 10 OS, I would like to insert an existing EC2 instance as containers host, and use this for host containers and networks created by docker-composer, but I did not find any tutorial or a full explaination about it, Therefore I have the following questions. Is it necessary install docker and run […]

Docker Swarm Service-Task not running

I guess I am just overlooking something particular but I just do not get it I have a docker swarm “Cluster” on my local system. Now I create a service (e. g. mysql). But now, even though there is the associated task, this task is not executed and I have no idea why… I do […]

Docker unable to install numpy, scipy, or gensim

I am trying to build a Docker application that uses Python’s gensim library, version 2.1.0, which is being installed via pip from a requirements.txt file. However, Docker seems to have trouble installing numpy, scipy, and gensim. I googled the error messages and found other users who experienced the same problem, but in other environments. Many […]

How to get stdin from php for java docker container at runtime

So there hasn’t been a lot of help on this over the internet. I have a docker container that runs a java compiler. On a webpage, i have a textarea where one can a java write code. Upon clicking run, php exec(); calls the container on the code from the html page and returns an […]

How can I restart container using healthcheck in docker-compose?

How can I restart docker container of server when curl failed to call API? I prepared such docker-compose.yml file. server: build: server command: – run healthcheck: test: [“CMD-SHELL”, “curl -f http://localhost/ && echo ‘cool, it works'”] interval: 5s timeout: 5s retries: 3 Thanks!!!!!

Docker-Compose v3 & NGINX network issue

So, I’ve been trying to dockerize Atlassian services (Bitbucket, Jira & Confluence) and it works great on my computer but as soon as I put it on my VPS (from OVH) it does not work. Here is my Docker-compose file: #DOCKER-COMPOSE version: “3.0” volumes: database-data: bitbucket-data: jira-data: confluence-data: services: nginx: image: nginx:1.12 container_name: nginx ports: […]

Docker not able to use all of Macbook's CPU cores

I am currently using a Macbook Pro with i7, which has 8 cores. However, I am not able set the CPU cores to more than 1. When I run docker run –cpus=2 “my-image” I get the following error: docker: Error response from daemon: Range of CPUs is from 0.01 to 1.00, as there are only […]

How to access host DB from Docker container?

I have PostgreSQL DB running locally and a Docker container with an application that wants to connect there. How can I access localhost DB from inside docker? docker run –rm -e “DATABASE_URL=postgresql://postgres:postgres@” –network=”host” -p 4000:4000 my_image The above doesn’t seem to work. Neither this one: From inside of a Docker container, how do I connect […]

How to run cucumber/selenium tests in Docker?

I am struggling to run my cucumber tests from a Docker image. Here is my setup: I use OSX with XQuartz to run an X11 session I use an Ubuntu 14 Vagrant image for development where I forward my X11 session I am trying to run a docker image with Firefox that will use my […]

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