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Starting a system service in a Docker container

I am running a Docker container where the application needs to have the autofs service running, but it’s not currently run by default. The container already uses supervisord to manage several background processes, so I figure I should add the service to supervisor’s program list. Is there a way to do that which isn’t repeating […]

How to determine why sigterm was sent to process running inside docker container on mesos?

I have a docker container that I can excecute fine locally. Yet when run on a mesos cluster, I get SIGTERMS /usr/ line 57: 310 Killed xsltproc sort.xsl ${2} > ${2}_bat W0703 09:09:54.465442 5074 logging.cpp:91] RAW: Received signal SIGTERM from process 2262 of user 0; exiting I don’t understand where this problem is comming from […]

Dockerizing Nodejs APP (graceful restart, ssl)

I am trying to dockerize a NodeJS application. I have followed this tutorial It is really easy and works. But I need extend functionality a little bit. My infrastructure won’t contain only the nodejs container, it will have much more containers that are linked together with the help of docker-compose file. What I need […]

Docker – Install PHP 5.2.17 and php-gd

I am migrating an extremely old and legacy system written in PHP. Currently I have made good progress, however, the code makes use of a library called PHPLot where it is dependent on php–gd. I’ve done everything … I’ve been trying to install this dependence for 3 days. Can you help me? Here’s my Dockerfile: […]

Creating a running Postgres service inside a docker container

I’m a bit new to Docker. I have two containers running using docker-compose. One is the API and the other is the actual application. I want to add a new DB container using the Postgres official image. It’s a bit hard to find a simple tutorial on how to create the container and populate it […]

writing liberty logs directly to graylog

i am running a liberty appserver container. How can I make sure that all the appserver logs (messages.log,console.log,ffdc,etc) goes directly to graylog and is not written at all in the appserver container?Note tha central idea here is that logs should never be written inside container as it would keep on eating memory and increase container […]

How to forward data from a host computer to a Docker container?

I am working on a project which uses Docker containers. Docker is installed on a Windows 10 host machine. The aim of the project is to forward the data packets that are received on the host to the docker containers so that the container functions make use of those data packets and in turn forward […]

Kubernetes node with high disk usage caused by docker overlay

I am facing a problem with kubernetes nodes deployed on AWS. (Cluster with 3 nodes and 1 master running on m3.large instances with each about 25GB) After (about 3 days) there is 0KB left on disk and the cluster get stuck. All the storage (more or less) is used by /var/lib/docker/overlay/. Inside this folder are […]

AttributeError: module 'wagtail.wagtailadmin.edit_handlers' has no attribute 'FieldPanel'

python 3.6 wagtail 1.10.1 Some hours ago my wagtail based project stopped to launch successfully. It fails here: from wagtail.wagtailadmin import edit_handlers print(dir(edit_handlers)) class Article(Page): html = RichTextField() content_panels = Page.content_panels + [ edit_handlers.FieldPanel(‘html’, classname=”full”), edit_handlers.InlinePanel(‘gallery’, label=”Carousel items”, classname=’ArticleImage’), ] with error AttributeError: module ‘wagtail.wagtailadmin.edit_handlers’ has no attribute ‘FieldPanel’ After that I decided to ensure […]

How to setup JanusGraph using Docker for Cassandra and Elasticsearch?

I’m trying to setup JanusGraph for development on my local machine. My goal is to have a setup similar to the cassandra remote server mode. As storage backend, I want to use cassandra and as index backend I planned to use elasticsearch. For both, I’m using Docker containers (cassandra: h_t_t_p_s:// [I’m not allowed to post […]

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