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Is it possible to run lxc based containers inside a docker based parent container?

I have an existing lxc based container building framework that I’d like to host inside of a docker based container. I’ve seen references to nesting lxc based containers, but I’ve seen nothing about nesting them with a docker based parent. First problem I run into when I try it is lxbr0 is missing in the […]

supervisor won't give meaningful output

have a docker file set up to launch a supervisord instance inside of ubuntu under virtualbox with the following config: [supervisord] nodaemon=true [program:install] command=bash -c “/src/etc/” directory=/src/etc/ autorestart=true autostart=true stopwaitsecs=90 redirect_stderr=true stdout_logfile=/var/log/myapp_install.log that is set to launch the following test script file from my src/etc/ directory: #!/bin/bash echo “testing” When I launch /usr/local/bin/supervisord, I get […]

'docker build' gives error that 'docker run' doesn't. How are they different?

My project is setup like this: ./ – Dockerfile package.json build compiled files from frontend and backend directories get put here backend app.js frontend frontend files… scripts docker build ../ –tag myImage # The build script compiles all my assets and places # them in the top level ‘build’ directory which i […]

docker on OSX not returning container output through ssh,

I am running docker (v0.9.0) on OSX 10.9 using boot2docker (v0.6). Everything builds normally. I can use docker normally inside the TinyCore VM. However, within OSX I can issue commands to the docker deamon, but I am not receiving any output. Nor can I retrieve information about containers or processes. For example, I can run […]

Docker Issue -Image State not getting saved

I am using docker on ubuntu. I used the fresh image of ubuntu and installed couple of package on that java , git , chef-solo. I saved the image using command sudo docker commit But now when I am goint back to that , I could see only probably half of the stuff which I […]

Why does the path command doesn't work in Docker file

This is my docker file # This is a comment FROM chapmanb/bcbio-nextgen-devel MAINTAINER Sabarish Subramanian RUN mkdir /root/software && cd /root/software && wget /eXpress /downloads/express-1.5.1/express-1.5.1-linux_x86_64.tgz RUN cd /root && mkdir src && cd src && tar xzf ../software/express-1.5.1-linux_x86_64.tgz && PATH=$PATH:/root/src/express-1.5.1-linux_x86_64 && export PATH && echo $PATH In the new docker container the path is […]

PCI passthrough strategy in Docker or oVirt

We have to deploy a test system where a Docker container or a VM (oVirt 3.5) shares up to 4x 10GB network cards with other containers/VMs. So far we are using just oVirt for this purpose but we would like to shift to a Dockerized system to save some resources on the machines. Does anybody […]

502 Bad gateway error/NameError in Rack application for sinatra app on nginx, passenger in a docker container

I am starting with docker (1.3.2) and I am trying to get an example working with nginx, passenger and sinatra. Nginx and passenger seem to work. However, I do not get my sinatra app to run. curl localhost gives a 502 bad gateway error and the same when I try to access in the browser. […]

Creating a Docker UAT/Production image

Just a quick question about best practices on creating Docker images for critical environments. As we know in the real world, often times the team/company deploying to internal test is not the same as who is deploying to client test environments and production. There becomes a problem because all app configuration info may not be […]

Run apache tomcat server in docker container

I have a .war file I would like to run and start a server inside a docker container. Tomcat 8 with java 8. I am using docker pull komu/tomcat8-java8 Then I am not sure how to start the docker container containing my .war file. I also have a URL for it I would like to […]

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