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Can't access rexster interface via browser — connection refused

I have installed the complete “Titan 0.5.2 with Hadoop 2” package in a docker container. I am able to run gremlin, load the sample graph database, and interact with it via the command line, but I’m unable to access the rexster interface via my browser. I’m using Boot2Docker to interact with the container. I’m attempting […]

how is docker better if tools like fedora's devassistant and virtualenv exist? [closed]

I am trying to understand LXC container for a while,but if we consider fedora‘s devassistant tool and virtualenv then virtualenv will do the work of isolation and devassistant will download all the needed dependency by interpreting the setup configuration its like by using two keyword commands on terminal like we almost setup a […]

Docker: multi kafka brokers failed

I would like to use docker with several kafka brokers. So I started some tests with this docker image => For one broker all work fine: I start my zookeeper: docker run -d –name zookeeper jplock/zookeeper:3.4.6 Then I start a kafka instance: docker run -d –name kafka –link zookeeper:zookeeper ches/kafka When I create topic […]

how to load dump on docker mysql container based on centos6?

I am trying to create my own mysql docker container based on official centos6 image. I am successful in building and running mysql container. However, i would like to have dump loaded when container starts. Now this is generating error: “ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ”@’localhost’ “ Please help. I have following configuration […]

Jenkins docker cache not working

I’m trying to build a docker file under jenkins docker build . Here is my docker file: # DOCKER-VERSION 0.10.0 FROM MAINTAINER # Never install a ruby gem docs RUN echo “gem: –no-rdoc –no-ri” >> ~/.gemrc RUN mkdir /my_app WORKDIR /my_app RUN gem install bundler RUN gem install bluepill ADD Gemfile /my_app/Gemfile ADD […]

Private network issues with docker

I’m having trouble connecting to MongoDB on the docker host. I’m not sure what the problem is but my current docker container should be able to connect with a non-docker MongoDB instance. My host has 2 network interfaces which are eth0 with an outbound IP and eth1 with a private lan ip Is there […]

How to mount Hadoop HDFS

I am trying to mount Hadoop HDFS that I have set up in Google engine in a docker container running Ubuntu 14.04. Can anyone show me the necessary steps? I have tried to following some poor guides on the internet but it seems like all the packages are broken. I will add 500 bounty to […]

Access web server over https in a Docker container

I’m using Boot2Docker to manage Docker containers in Windows and I have a container running an IBM Liberty server (I guess is the same for any other server), I can access the server home screen in the host machine using only the ip (which I get using the command boot2docker ip), but if I try […]

How to recover my /usr/lib/docker/graph/ directory?

My docker images gets stored in /usr/lib/docker/graph. I tried to delete all the images stored in /usr/lib/docker/graph/*. But unfortunately i deleted the graph directory itself. Now, i am unable to build a docker image. It says /usr/lib/docker/graph no images Any solutions?

Chef Test Kitchen – Verifications

There are a few gotchas I find trying to use test kitchen. Hope this is the place I try to run test kitchen inside a cookbook (using the single-repo-per-cookbook mentality), but then test kitchen fails to find the recipe and throws an error. When I place the kitchen.yml outside the cookbook directory, it works just […]

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