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No docker-quickstart found on mac

I am trying out Cloudera on Docker. The command to launch Cloudera is docker run –privileged=true –hostname=quickstart.cloudera -t -i ${HASH} /usr/bin/docker-quickstart. However, I do not have /usr/bin/docker-quickstart at all. I am sure that I followed the default steps to install Docker on my MacBook. Does anyone know where to fetch this binary executable? Or is […]

directly copy the folder in webapps of tomcat instead of war

I am trying to see the best practices of deploying a webapp in tomcat. If I try to deploy a war file and containerize it(DCOS Container), it takes almost 50 seconds to deploy may war file. To remove this deployment time, I am thinking of pasting the folder itself instead of war file in webapps […]

Unable to push image to Docker Hub registry

I am brand new to Docker and I am trying to follow the Getting Started tutorial from Docker. I am using Docker 17.05-ce under Ubuntu 17.04. The problem appears to be network related. When I try to push I get the following results: jonathan@poseidon:~/DockerTest$ sudo docker push jgossage/get-started:part1 The push refers to a repository [] […]

Docker Strategy

I am running a MEAN.js application in a docker container. Right now, it works if the files are imported into the actual Docker container and then the web site is projected from that folder that is created. RUN mkdir -p /opt/mean.js/public/lib WORKDIR /opt/mean.js COPY package.json /opt/mean.js/package.json RUN npm install –quiet && npm cache clean COPY […]

wokflow: Missing cloudify_agent.queue runtime information

I want to install a Docker container on Cloudify and wrote a blueprint with docker-plugin (attached at the end). At the beginning, I finished the blueprint by learning CloudifyDocs. But when it came to installing the workflow, an error occurred with the message ‘install’ workflow execution failed: RuntimeError: Workflow failed: Task failed ‘docker_plugin.tasks.create_container’ -> Missing […]

Connection to docker container failing because of postgis port issue

My docker container is able to successfully build but when I enter the command docker-compose build, the following error is returned: Starting docker_etl_1 … Starting 1e5f56853e10_1e5f56853e10_1e5f56853e10_docker_postgis_1 … Starting 1e5f56853e10_1e5f56853e10_1e5f56853e10_docker_postgis_1 Starting 1e5f56853e10_1e5f56853e10_1e5f56853e10_docker_postgis_1 … error ERROR: for 1e5f56853e10_1e5f56853e10_1e5f56853e10_docker_postgis_1 Cannot start service postgis: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint 1e5f56853e10_1e5f56853e10_1e5f56853e10_docker_postgis_1 (91464afbee8bf7212061797ec0f4c017a56cc3c30c9bdaf513127a6e6a4a5a52): Error starting userland prStarting docker_etl_1 … […]

Selenium: Unable to run GhostDriver(phantomJS) node on Docker Selenium Grid Setup

I am trying to run my automation scripts using Selenium Grid setup and the docker images found at: I am able to get the Docker Selenium Hub and ready to go. This is what it looks like on my Grid Console after starting the Hub and spawning 4 GhostDriver nodes: Now running my tests […]

Different localhost ports causes failed Access-Control-Allow-Origin

I am trying to host a Docker javascript app (RocketChat) on localhost:3000, and refer to a python script that is listening to localhost:5000. Running the script I get the following response: [Error] Origin localhost:3000 is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin. [Error] Failed to load resource: Origin localhost:3000 is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin. (response, line 0) [Error] […]

Use zabbix inside a Dockercontainer to monitor a server

I am using Docker container inside my server. I’m running Zabbix service and a Drupal site inside the container. Is there a way to monitor the server using the Zabbix service I’m running inside the container? How should I configure the zabbix agent so that it monitors the server from inside the container? I’m new […]

How can I connect a PHP container with nginx container by using docker-compose?

I’m trying to create a simple LAMP stack in a Docker enviroment. It worked by running a third-party container phpdockerio/php71-fpm:latest, but I wanted a custom PHP container with XDebug installed, for the moment. My problem is that, if I execute docker-compose up, the PHP container exit after startup before my webserver container can make usage […]

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