Swarm container not getting started with created overlay network

We are trying to run swarm cluster on Docker 1.12. We are using VMs (Kernel Version: 3.13.0-100-generic Operating System: Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS). Swarm was created successfully and we have joined a worker to this cluster.
enter image description here

Now have created a network docker network create --driver overlay --subnet customnw. The network get created sucessfully.
enter image description here

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  • Than we created a service on the leader docker service create --name jboss11 --network customnw --replicas 3 -p 8080:8080 tutum/jboss

    Service created

    Containers are not getting started
    enter image description here

    on observing the events logs we found that the containers are created and destroyed countinously

    root@dockernetra:~# 2016-12-05T15:28:43.771650569+05:30 container destroy 3e72622f1bbf6a01d6dc34be22b6417e185c009819d34532d973d1a97441ed0d (com.docker.swarm.node.id=0tlikj98tb2bnfwl9tgw3ldbc, com.docker.swarm.service.id=b5bahzvf698ujor4dmiyltodt, com.docker.swarm.service.name=jboss12, com.docker.swarm.task=, com.docker.swarm.task.id=ef749838q9ya24uirpai1km6z, com.docker.swarm.task.name=jboss12.1, image=tutum/jboss:latest, name=jboss12.1.ef749838q9ya24uirpai1km6z)
    2016-12-05T15:28:48.423961590+05:30 container destroy e6359659b674aa0df8fb7324aeedb434fd4b80e81471a80ae049e5b7d88f4b7c (com.docker.swarm.node.id=0tlikj98tb2bnfwl9tgw3ldbc, com.docker.swarm.service.id=b5bahzvf698ujor4dmiyltodt, com.docker.swarm.service.name=jboss12, com.docker.swarm.task=, com.docker.swarm.task.id=2isfwz3osgtn67e9p9wjhomk2, com.docker.swarm.task.name=jboss12.1, image=tutum/jboss:latest, name=jboss12.1.2isfwz3osgtn67e9p9wjhomk2)
    2016-12-05T15:28:53.172836589+05:30 container destroy 7675fdfec3aac974ab63c3498a4fba59f4e9c1a200a4e4910296ed861b4b3e9f (com.docker.swarm.node.id=0tlikj98tb2bnfwl9tgw3ldbc, com.docker.swarm.service.id=b5bahzvf698ujor4dmiyltodt, com.docker.swarm.service.name=jboss12, com.docker.swarm.task=, com.docker.swarm.task.id=cm0i7mxrnj2awwgchxkxzwn43, com.docker.swarm.task.name=jboss12.1, image=tutum/jboss:latest, name=jboss12.1.cm0i7mxrnj2awwgchxkxzwn43)
    2016-12-05T15:28:58.203511731+05:30 container destroy bcf832404745516923e033376c0f737ea955efa0c6ec6606f055a00ac8bb4b3f (com.docker.swarm.node.id=0tlikj98tb2bnfwl9tgw3ldbc, com.docker.swarm.service.id=b5bahzvf698ujor4dmiyltodt, com.docker.swarm.service.name=jboss12, com.docker.swarm.task=, com.docker.swarm.task.id=ddiwqcuh6qcyabgm8jr73nma5, com.docker.swarm.task.name=jboss12.1, image=tutum/jboss:latest, name=jboss12.1.ddiwqcuh6qcyabgm8jr73nma5)

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Swarm container not getting started with created overlay network”

    They’re definitely not failing because of the network. Whenever you see a container in a “rejected” state, it’s normally because the config is valid, but it couldn’t be implemented. Most common is overlay networks defined with an existing network. Creates an asynchronous routing scenario and Docker can’t implement it.

    It looks like it can’t write to the host in /var/lib/docker (which is where aufs layers are stored)

    Can you check the hosts and make sure they haven’t run out of space, or that docker can create files in that directory?

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