Subscribing to Consul Key-Value

I’m trying to use Consul’s Key-Value API to pass a JSON configuration to an app running in one of my containers. It works great, but the API does not provide any pub-sub functionality (just read/write/delete) for a key.

So far, I managed to artificially compensate by using the Watch feature to restart the container whenever the key changes, but that leaves me with the need to

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    1. Externally configure Consul (either load a new configuration, or use the CLI, to specify a key to watch, and a shell script to run)
    2. Restart my app in mid-run – a good way to potentially lose data.

    Is there any programatic way (other than polling every x seconds) to get notified of a key change in Consul, or should I just back away from this solution, and move to Redis?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Subscribing to Consul Key-Value”

    After a quick look at consul’s sources, it seems that the “watch” is a simple periodic pull. You could implement something similar in your code to achieve this.

    Periodic run of the watcher:

    KeyWatch Handler:

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