Storing local docker images on External HDD boot2docker

I’m using docker on my macbook air which unfortunately has quite limited hard drive space (120gb).

Was wondering how I could store containers on my external drive instead of the default (which I believe is /var/lib/docker/) ?

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  • EDIT: It is in fact not /var/lib/docker – when using boot2docker I believe the files are stored on the virtualbox instance.

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    After clearing your macbook folder, mount your external hard drive on that path:

    mount -t <fstype> -o defaults /dev/<your device> /var/lib/docker/

    For use with boot2docker, try with something like:

    mount -t vboxsf -o uid=1000,gid=50 /dev/<your device> /var/lib/docker/

    where <your device> could be for example sdb.

    You can do this by changing file location in docker.
    You can go to Preferences->Advanced, and under the storage path change the location to your external hard drive.

    View the screenshot for reference

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