Store docker machine in D: drive rather than in C:\Users\… windows 7

Is it somehow possible to store docker machine with “virtual machine disk” in D: drive because I don’t have enough space on C: drive.
I mean, file disk which is now stored in C:\Users\Gondil\.docker\machine\machines\myvm Is it possible to store it for example to D:\vm? Because when I start some container and it is whole downloaded an it has for example 10GB size, it is quite big for my Sysem SSD.

Is there some config in which I can change directory of created machines?

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    You could move all .docker and it’s sub-directories to the location on your other disk, then mklink to the location on your other disk. For example:

    mklink /D "C:\Users\Gondil\.docker" "D:\vm\.docker"
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