Starting vncserver using supervisord inside a Linux container

I’m trying to start vncserver using supervisord at the bootup time for the lxc container (I don’t think being a container is relevant). The issue is that the machine starts as root. My supervisord program section looks like:

command=/usr/bin/vncserver -fg -geometry 1024x768 :1

However, I find that the log files show its trying to create a password, though there already exists a password in /home/ubuntu/.vnc/passwd

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Starting vncserver using supervisord inside a Linux container”

    You can define to run a container with specific user’s name (if existing) or UID without any existing user in the image/container.

    Docker documentation:


    root (id = 0) is the default user within a container. The image
    developer can create additional users. Those users are accessible by
    name. When passing a numeric ID, the user does not have to exist in
    the container.

    The developer can set a default user to run the first process with the
    Dockerfile USER instruction. When starting a container, the operator
    can override the USER instruction by passing the -u option.

    -u="": Username or UID

    Note: if you pass a numeric uid, it must be in the range of

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