SSH tunneling to remote server with docker

I am trying to write a Dockerfile to access a remote mySQL database using ssh tunneling.

Tried with the following Run command:

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  • ssh   -f -N username@hostname -L [local port]:[database host]:[remote port] StrictHostKeyChecking=no

    and getting this error:

    “Host key verification failed” ERROR

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  • One Solution collect form web for “SSH tunneling to remote server with docker”

    Assuming that the Docker container does not have access to any SSH data (i.e.: there is no ~/.ssh/known_hosts), you have two ways to handle this:

    1. Use ssh-keyscan -t rsa > ~/.ssh/my_known_hosts from within the container to add the remote host
    2. Or copy the relevant line from an existing my_known_hosts or simply COPY a the whole file to the container.

    Either of these approaches should do it.

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