splitting docker stdout and stderr with fluentd fluent-plugin-rewrite-tag-filter plugin

I currently have the following config:

<match docker.nginx>
  @type rewrite_tag_filter
  rewriterule1 source stdout docker.nginx.stdout
  rewriterule2 source stderr docker.nginx.stderr

but this means, that with each container I have to do the same.

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  • This isn’t working, but probably you’ll get what I want from it:

    <match docker.*>
      @type rewrite_tag_filter
      rewriterule1 source stdout docker.*.stdout
      rewriterule2 source stdout docker.*.stderr

    So my question is can I somehow refer to the matched tag in the match block? So if it’s nginx/rabbitmq/zookeeper/anything, it will split all event flows into docker.<fluentd-tag>.stdout and stderr.

    Thanks in advance!

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